Well Its Been A While

2008-04-06 06:15:44 by Aghh

Yeah it sure has, since i registered in 2003, i made some really crap animations, and some even worse tunes. Well i was only 15, and back then i thought the stuff was the ish, obviously not ;), but then back then i thought i had a career somewhere, not because i was talented, but because i had so much to learn.

Well i went to college, got my A levels, went to Uni, and dropped out due to a crap course and the woman i love.

Anyway here i am now, im a truck loader, just started thinking about making audios again, but need to get into the rhythm of it, im not quite there yet, but i'll give it another go.

It has been 4 years since my last submission after all :)

Have a good day.

Oh yeah! I should change my web page to my Deviant Art page, yeah i can actually do things half decent there ( well in my opinion )

Check it out, alot of the stuff on there lately has been cack, but check out the gallery ;) excuses excuses huh?